Version 22 (v22) Patch Notes Edit

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed auto-routing bug in Shenzu Quest "Test of Endurance". Players will now be directed to the correct location.
- Fixed skill description for Level 35 Dragoon Ethyr Skill "Ghostwisper". This skill is a taunt for Dragoons.
- Fixed Petcraft vocation text. Changed 1 E-Buck to 1 Gold.

- Updated "Open Beta" Announcement.
- Added text to the three 'Capture' quests to help players understand why they cannot accept the quest. These are given by Ziola and the Dawn Dragonkin & Dusk Dragonkin. Read the known bugs for further information.
- Numerous Localization improvements.

Gameworld Changes:
- Removed Warcry PVP Adventure. Thank you everyone who helped test the instance. We will be adding this back into the game at a later date.

New Known Bugs:
- In order to accept the three 'Capture' quests, you must have 11 bag slots free (the quest text says 10). The expected number of slots free should be 1. Developers are looking into the issue.
- GMs still appear in the rankings list.