Abomination! Soul of Jumpers
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Vital statistics
Start Balk Blacksmith (132 883 239)
End God of Prosperity (122 897 245)
Prerequisites None
Level Level 6
Location Eloquence Peak
Rewards 2304 Exp 103 Treasure 30 Pet Beans
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The Blacksmith has noticed that the increased monsters is giving the God of Prosperity a headache, go out far and kill some for him.


Talk to the Blacksmith to find that he wants you to kill 12 Chimpy Chimps and 12 [[[Foghorn Roosters]]]. These monsters are found a bit further out from the city just before the bridge. When you have killed all of them go back and report to the God of Prosperity (132 883 239).


2304 Exp 103 Treasure 30 Pet Beans

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