General, Edit

Combat is a way for players to level up and gain money and spirit.

When fighting monsters you must take into account its capability of killing. Unfortunately, it does not show the level in the target bar. There does however seem to be a color coding associated with the monster's name.

  • Green or dark green signifies that it is a lower level and it is well within your ability to defeat.
  • White or light pink means it is the same or close to your level, but may require help from other players or your pet.
  • Red or dark red names mean that is a higher level than you and that it would be hard for you to kill it without healing or player/pet help.

Elite monsters, Edit

Elite monsters are monsters which look just like normal monster but have a different name to what their appearence might suggest. These monster are also stronger than normal monsters and give a greater amount of money and some diplomatic items which can be sold to players for a healthy sum.

Thank, hope this guide helped.