The in-game currency of Ether Saga comes in two forms. There are two different types, gold and e-bucks. Gold is only obtainable from killing monsters and completing the Fairy Tale of the Star and Moon quest or from other players. E-bucks is the game's cash system where 1 dollar is equal to 1 e-buck. There is a Gold to E-buck trade available with a 2% commission.

Players will find that after level 20, with the availability of the Fairy Tale of the Star and Moon, that their main source income comes from this quest. The main sinks for gold are the Ancestral Forge and expensive in-game only mounts. Rates for Gold to e-Bucks are always changing.

100 Bronze = 1 Silver
100 Silver = 1 Gold
1 Gold = 10,000 Bronze

1 E-buck = 100 E-coins

To obtain E-bucks as mentioned of the Gold to E-buck trade the NPC Broker near the Stash Keeper will allow anyone to submit a post of buying E-bucks depending on the market price of sellers requests. Just deposit your Gold into your account at thte Broker and submit a request to purchase a certain amount of E-bucks at whatever unit price you wish. Be warned the unit price you wish to purchase an E-buck at may not be what other players would like to sell at and your request can sit in the Broker for days and weeks.

Another way to obtain E-bucks is to purchase on the website using a credit card or prepaid card. By using these methods you can purchase zen which is transfered to your account and made into E-bucks. $10 USD = 1000 zen 100 zen = 1 E-buck 1000 zen = 10 E-bucks You may purchase up to $10 USD, $20 USD, $30 USD, or $50 USD, when purchasing at the rate of $50 USD you get an extra $3 USD worth of zen which is considered a bonus. Other methods of paying such as paying by phone will be added later.