Curtains up & Arrival of the Shenzu Savior
Vital statistics
Start Goddess of Mercy (146 881 239)
End God of Prosperity (123 897 245)
Prerequisites None
Level 1
Location Eloquence Peak
Rewards 20 Exp 12 Treasure
Previous Next
None Tour! Shenzu Realm


The Goddess of Mercy seeks for an emissary to send with the Royal Monk on his journey to the west.


Speak with the Goddess of Mercy (146 881 239) who should be standing next to you. She will explain to you the situation and will ask you to meet up with the God of Prosperity (123 897 245) who will tell you about the demon pig terrorizing towns and will ask that you train yourself to go and capture it.


20 Exp 12 Treasure

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