Diplomactic Quests involves players traveling the world on a quest for treasure and powerful items. However these quests can be difficult. There are many steps that involve killing, meeting people, and bringing reputation items back. Crowen the Psychic between Gau's Fazenda and Hurko's Manor is where players can begin this quest.

Completing this quest will yield a large amount of treasure. After completing the first step players will begin receiving treasure. First you will receive 3030, then 6060, 9090, and so forth. The further you through a Diplomatic Quest the more treasure you receive. There are a total of twelve steps in the quest. Feel free to take a pause whenever you turn in a quest and receive the diplo key. However if you have already begun the quest you will have to sacrifice 50 reputation in order to save. You will receive a book which tells you what needed to be done.

Praise the Land Edit

Speak with Crowen's servant. She will ask you to find people who will support you on your journey. You will be required to visit several different types of NPCs located around the Gaap Lands. This task is easy which comes in three steps. Talking to Crowen's Servant, Talking to the requested NPC, and then turning back in the quest. However some NPCs have specific requests.

Plant Trees for Prosperity Edit

You have been asked by Crowen to go visit the Veteran for additional information. However when you speak with the Veteran he forgets what he wanted you to do. You will then be asked to water one of the random trees in Pokari. Walk up to it and you shall finish. Return to Crowen to complete this step.

Offer Sacrifices to Heaven Edit

Collect either 5 or 10 random reputation items. This step can prove to be difficult when a player cannot obtain the required item within the time. This may be a good point to save if it appears to be too difficult.

Monster Killing Edit

You will be asked to return to one of the starter areas or Pokari do some basic killing. While the monsters themselves may not be hard, getting back in time is. A strategy to completing this quests quickly is to obtain some teleportation items back to the home, which are only dropped by starter monsters. The total number of monsters killed will always add up to 20 monsters. Using a class AOE skill can help greatly.

Rewards Edit

Everytime a player completes one step in a diplomatic quest they are rewarded with treasure which grows the further you get in the quest. However there is a chance to obtain a rare pet.