Throughout Ether Saga there are many people whom players will meet. Many NPCs will offer quests or some form of service. Others will hand out information or even transform into Boss Monsters! A majority of the Characters have a basis of an actual character from Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West.

Main Characters Edit

These NPCs are major characters and are vital to the plot line of Journey to the West. Training Quests and other important quests often revolve around these characters. Although the player may not realize it, there are many breakings of the fourth wall by these characters.



Jino Edit

The Main Character of Journey to the West and the chosen monk to go out to the West to retrieve the sciptures. He has a troubled and confusing past and has many different names. As a child he was abandoned by his mother, for fear that the man she lives with will kill him. Believing that Fate will save him, she drops him into a river in basket, to be rescued by a monk. There he cultivates the way and devlopes a unique outlook on life. Many years later he rescues his father, mother, and grandmother before accepting the Mission West.


Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong Edit

A powerful Immortal, the Monkey King was born under the most unique circumstances. He has a powerful body, which to it, comes no harm. However after his foolishness in Heaven he was banished and trapped under the Five-Element Mountains by the Buddha, which were renamed the Double Boundary Ridge (Barrica Ridge) when the Tang Empire increased in size. Armed with a powerful cudgel and an infinite number of transformation, Sun Wukong was assigned the role of protecting Jino.

Bio:Sun Wukong

Cloud colt

Cloud Colt

Cloud Colt Edit

The prince of the Dragon King of the East, Ao Run, this poor dragon was sentenced to death, but the Goddess of Mercy saved him and instead was given the job of becoming a Colt to replace the one which Jino had, which ironically he ate.



Hoggy Edit

Wehn Edit



Zaar Edit

Minor Characters Edit

These NPCs are characters who are mentioned in the book, but serve no major role.

Pumpkin Farmer


Other Characters Edit

The NPCs in this category do not seem to have a basis to a characters from Journey to the West, but nonetheless they exist to fill in some services.