PVP Protection And you: The Guide by: Prophet :

When PVP opens for You!

When a player hits level 45 YOU CAN BE PK'ED AT ANYTIME OUTSIDE OF A "SAFEZONE" (safezones are usually towns)

How PVP Protection works

ok most people are having this issue. and beleave "PVP Protection" Protect's YOU(The player).

It Doesn't, What pvp protection does is makes it so when you click on a player you treat them as a monster(and attack them) Or Just a player.

When you click on the PVP Protection Icon on the top left you see the following.

Allience member's. Having this unchecked mean's any Allience members you come across over 45 you will attack (not automatically). This includes EVERYONE in your allience.

Clan Member's. Having this unchecked mean's any Clan members you come across over 45 you will attack (not automatically). This only applies for YOUR OWN CLAN MEMBERS. not your uncles brothers sisters dogs hampster's clan members.

White name players. These are pretty much anyone who hasn't pk'ed or tried to pk within the last hour or so. So if you have this unchecked and you find a random numpty pos'ing. if you uncheck this you can pk his sorry afk butt.

Red/Oranged named players. These guys just tried or did pk somone. usually these guys will own you (full diplo gear). sometimes there just noobs for blood. Unchecking this means you will attack em..

Tab action. You can use this to tab and you will highlight players instead of monsters. good for in mobs of monsters pking someone.

so.... explained?


White named. If you are white named and get pked there is a 1% chance you will drop an item. REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE PROTECTION ON OR NOT.

Red named You get killed by a player when you are red named. well your dropping some item's.. (about 50% chance)

if you find this usefull.. as i see at least one post A DAY on this subject.. please request a sticky :]