There are many regions within the Ether Saga Universe. As the player you will be following the steps of Jino after rescuing him from being drowned as a child. The exotic lands players will traverse are filled with creatures of all different types as well as larger and more unique cities aside from Pokari.

Currently there are three different types of lands that players can travel too. The Gaap Lands, the Galio Kingdom, and Ziminian Domain. Each of these locations are based off of real areas in Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West


Known as Chang'an (A real city) in the original story, Pokari, in the Tang Empire is the first major town players will come across. Here players will be taught additional ropes to learning how to play the game. Some unique functions include hosting events, the adventurer dispatched, and the matchmaker. It is also the home and birthplace of the Tang Priest, Sanzang, known as Jino. Players in the beginning may have escaped the fact that the boy, Riverflow, they save in the beginning of the game is actually Jino.

Gau's Fazenda (Gao Village) Edit

Known simply as Gao Village, it is a farmland town where nearly every person living there has the surname, Gao. Here Jino and Sun Wukong pass by when they find that the town is being terrorized by a demon pig.