Reputation comes in four main forms. There is plain reputation, which is obtained by completing certain quests, Virtue is received from other players from level 40 and on, Charisma is obtained by using a cash shop item, and Regional Virtue which is obtained by turning in Diplomatic items to the regional agent. Obtaining points in these areas can help players access more unique quests and items. There is one other type, Credit, but not much is known about it.

Reputation Edit

Reputation is obtained though main stream quests.

Charisma Edit

Charisma increases the chances for players to obtain rarer quests from the bulletin board like Hero-type and Epic-type quests. By completing these quests players will gain a larger amount of experience. However to increase charisma players will need to buy the cash shop item Order of the Wind for 25 E-Coins. There is a max of 5000.

Virtue Edit

Virtue is obtained from other players. Once a player reaches level 40 they will be able to receive and give out pluses or minuses to their fellow players. Every time a player praises another person it will increase their virtue by 10. Players can also give out admonishes which reduce virtue by 1. It is possible to go below 0 and into the negatives.

Players can give each other up to 3 praises and 3 admonishes every 12 hours. However within that 12 hour time period they may not give another praise or another admonish to the same person, but they may give a praise or an admonish in order to cancel out their previous move. There is no max or min.

Regional Virtue Edit

Regional Virtue is needed for a few things. By obtaining regional virtue players can use the save function while doing their Diplomatic Quests at the expense of 50 points. Other uses for Regional Virtue is to receive advanced items and crafting materials from Wehn as well as to receive blessings from the Goddess of Mercy. Each Diplomatic Item turned in equals 5 Regional Virtue and although it shows that there is a max of 5000, After 5000 points is obtained and will move to another level and it will start from 0 again.

From Wehn Players can buy charms to aid when melding pets, pet experience books, and a double experience token. For crafting players may buy Guardian, Arcane, and Scout Hearts for use when crafting certain helmets. However these items cost a base of 500 Virtue.
Blessings from the Goddess of Mercy only have affinity increasers. At the cost of 300 Virtue players may receive a blessing from the Goddess of Mercy that boosts the players elemental affinity in one attribute by 30.