Skills are special actions characters can use in combat. Improving skills requires Spirit, which is earned mainly through combat. (There are a few quests now that reward spirit.)

Class Skills Edit

Each class has their own unique set of skills. Player's should pick a class which best suits their playing style. There are archetypes such as the healer, soldier and mage; the other three classes fall under assassin, ranger, and paladin.

All class skills consume Mana to use skills. The amount of Mana consumed increases as the level of the skill increases.

Ethyr Skills Edit

Ethyr Skills are abilities that are obtained by crafting or as a quest reward. These skills are usually element specific and deal additional damage. At most, a player can have 5 Ethyr skills equipped at one time. While Class Ethyr Skills are harder to obtain, they provide the character with an additional skill to use in combat.

Nascent Skills Edit

Nascent skills (or Birthday skills) are individual skills granted based on the character's "birthday." In combination, these skills are unique to every other character unless they share the same birthday. Each skill is learned at Lv 10, Lv 30, and Lv 50. The skill list differentiates from the race to race. This gives variety to characters and gives them a sense of uniqueness compared to many games where characters tend to use the same skills.

Clan Skills Edit

Clan Skills are abilities that are only available if a player is in a clan.

Pet Skills Edit

Pets can have their own individual skills that can be learned naturally or taught though the use of a pet scroll or melding. However pets can also provide players skills though fusing or transforming with them. Such skills will prove themselves versatile when it comes to adapting to your environment.