Solid! Brand New Defenses
Vital statistics
Start Oorl Hunter (192 868 245)
End Balk Blacksmith (132 883 239)
Prerequisites Nnoe
Level Level 5
Location Eloquence Peak
Rewards Level 5 Class Gear 1404 Exp 90 Treasure
Previous Next
Handwriting! The Lost Memory None


The citizens of Eloquence Peak would like to best prepare you for your journey ahead.


Meet up with Balk Blacksmith (132 883 239) who will want to make some new equipment for you. He will ask you to go out and collect some 10 Pyrite Chunks (301 855 242). When you've collected enough return to the Blacksmith.


1404 Exp 90 Treasure Level 5 Class Equipment Ranger: Leather Vest +1 Scout Cap +1 Land Boots +1

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