Weapon! Monsters Tremble
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Vital statistics
Start God of Prosperity (123 897 245)
End God of Prosperity (123 897 245)
Prerequisites None
Level 1
Location Eloquence Peak
Rewards 73 Exp 73 Treasure 5 Minor Health Potions Class Starter Weapon
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Arrival of the Shanzu Savior Lumber and Stone!


Meet the various NPCs and the functions they can offer you.


Talk with the Stash Keeper of the North (152 921 248) to receive your starter weapon. He will then ask you to visit the Celestial Herbalist (149 847 247). After learning more about the Project Journey to the West he will ask you to visit Oorl the Hunter (162 868 245). Unfortunately he can offer you no info on the project, he will tell you about pets and to ask the Fleeting Merchant (148 872 239). He will tell you the story of how the demon pig came into existence. Following this visit Lumis - Apothecary who will give you 5 Minor Health Potion. She will then suggest you to visit the Guard of Mind (191 879 238).


73 Exp 73 Treasure Starter Class Weapon Ranger: Wooden Bow

5 Minor Health Potion

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