Trading Edit

Trading is a means of interaction between players that allows them to exchange cash, money, and items. However there are some useful tips to improve communication between players. For example, shift-clicking an item in your inventory will create an internal link to the item in the chat window, allowing listeners to view the item's unique stats for information and accuracy.

How to trade Edit

Trading is done by first left-clicking the player you wish to trade with. The player will appear in your targeting frame at the top of your screen. Click the circular yellow icon beneath the targeting frame to send a trade request. Wait for the other player to accept or deny the trade request. If the trade request is denied, no items are exchanged between you and the player. If the trade request is accepted, the trade window will appear on your screen.

Select the item you want to trade from your inventory and drag it onto an empty slot in the trade window. Do this for every item you plan to trade. When you have finished selecting your items, check the other player's items to confirm you will get what you requested. If so, click the "Lock" button on the bottom-right of the trade window. Once you and the other player have locked the items, click the "Trade" button on the bottom-right to finalize the trade. The trade will be completed when you and the other player have both pressed the "Trade" button.

An alternative method to sending a trade request is by right-clicking the player's name in the chat window and choosing the "Trade" option. This makes it easier to select a player when you are in crowded areas.