As with any game, Ether Saga Online offers means of faster transport. Players can reach their destination either though air travel, personal air travel, and land mounts. Each form of transport has its own form of advantage.

Teleportation Edit

There are NPC's at every major town, such as Pokari and Gau's Fazenda that offer instant transportation to locations for a small fee in bronze.  This mean of transportation is the fastest way of reaching other towns. However when a Diplomatic Qeust is activated players will not have acess to these functions and must resort to other means of travel to complete their requested quest within the time limit.

Consumable Item Edit

Some Items can be used once to allow a teleport to the location. Such items can be used anywhere, enabling a great amount of flexibility. They can also be used as a follow up to reach other locations.

Crowen's Feather

This item can be obtained from completing a basic 9 piece puzzle set. By completing the Heavenly Horse puzzle set players can choose this Feather, which enables a free teleport to Crowen the Psychic or a Bamboo Propeller.

Air Travel Edit

At level 10 every chracter is given a flying instrument. The basic cloud allows players to be able to soar the sky and climb over natural obstacles such as rivers and mountains. However flying consumes MP. Moreso, the basic flying cloud is still quite slow. Players may buy cash flying mounts or save a large ammount of ingame money for a new flying mount.

Cloud Edit

Bamboo PropellerEdit

While the bamboo propeller may look silly, it is extremely useful when working on diplomatic quests, when one lacks a faster means of transportation. At 20MP per second at 5 m/s, its a bit of an improvement from the cloud. However its strength is in its accelerated flight which brings speed up to 7m/s. Although this item only has a time limit of 5 hours. If a player plans on doing a diplomatic quest for the duration of that entire five hours, it is a better choice than the one time use teleportation feather.

Land Travel Edit

Ether Saga offers several land mounts to enable faster travel and the ability to perform combat while riding. However there are a few skills that can help crossover small obstacles and avoid monsters.


Every class at level 15 will learn the Sprint skill which enables players to leap forward at an amazing speed. This skill can help crossover rivers and safely jump over cliffs. Every 20 levels from then on out the skill can be leveled up which reduces the cooldown time of this skill.

Auto Routing Edit

Ether Saga offers an automatic auto route system, which enables players to move</u>